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Hi, this website sell: Socks5, SSH-Tunnels, HTTP/S Proxy.

What can you find in :

- over 200.000 uniq ips
- over 150 countrys
- fresh IPs every 7 days
- no program restrictions
- proxy info: Used Number / Last Used / Geo Location / ISP / Reverse DNS / BlackList Info
- unlimited bandwidth


- API SSH-Tunnels -
- Referal/Reseller (earn money) -


50 IPs/Day ( Socks or SSH-Tunnels ) for 1 month = 15$
150 IPs/Day ( Socks or SSH-Tunnels ) for 1 month = 35$
300 IPs/Day ( Socks or SSH-Tunnels ) for 1 month = 65$
Spamhaus a bunch of liars and criminals

- Spreads slander about isps and their customers
- Infringes on peoples privacy
- Sends spam itself (their "abusemails" are undesired bulk email just as well)
- Blackmails ISPs to comply to their rediculous "demands"
- Actively pushes ISPs to let Spamhaus use their networks to commit computer sabotage
(hinder communications with specific other computer systems).
- Publicises private details illegally copied from databases

Spamhaus, despite claiming to be a not-for-profit organisation, is registered
as a UK limited, appearantly with a branch office in switzerland.

The Spamhaus Project Ltd.
26 York Street
London W1U 6PZ
United Kingdom

The Spamhaus Project Ltd.
Avenue Louis-Casai 18

and it's CEO and Founder Steve Linford
(resident of Monaco)

Companies House registration numbers found:


Spamhaus, despite claiming to be a not-for-profit organisation, sells datafeeds
for large scale commercial use for profit.

Read more:


Disclosure on the Spamhaus communication:

How to fill a criminal complaint against Spamhaus:

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